Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Personalized Confirmation Rosary with a great story

Today’s piece is another Confirmation Rosary. It is made with garnet chips and in the intercession of St. Nicholas. This Rosary is made with Agape Gift’s trademark of being unbreakable and has the special memorial “Our Father” saucers. These saucers have an image on one side, and on the other side are: Date of Confirmation; City/State of Confirmation; Parish of Confirmation; Confirmation Sponsor; Confirmandi Name; Bishop/Monsignor Presiding at Confirmation. This piece, however also has a longer story with it. Check it out here: (part 1), (part 2), (part 3).

If you would like a Confirmation Rosary, a Special Rosary, or any unique piece of jewelry, contact us!

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