Monday, March 28, 2016

Coy bracelet

LCL Hand-painted layered Coy with mixed metals bracelet! Enjoy!

I was very happy with the playfulness of this bracelet. I had this idea of 'zooming' onto a piece detailing a portion of the hand painted image. I took the time to play around with enlarging the images; deceasing the images; then realized I just needed to repeat the image and the resin would do the enlarging. This has spurn many other ideas to bring to fruition. 
The 'rings' that hold the pieces together represents the bubbles of the fish. The texturing on the metal, especially the toggle, has circles again carrying the bubble theme. The toggle is one of my favorite parts of this bracelet... I was delighted on the out come of the coloring and texture! All done by fire. 
This bracelet is surprising light since the full image of the coy is mounted and painted on wood the detail pieces are adhered to metal.
Really love this piece... I hope you enjoy it as well! Enjoy!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Veil of Christ - Jesus have mercy

The Veil of Christ icon - painted by me! AIA! May you have blessed Good Friday! Enjoy!
Here is another icon that I painted, the Veil of Christ... his face actually have two sides to it - one of compassion the other of sorrow. If you cover half of it vertically you will see two different 'looks'. Perfect image for Good Friday!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pray for us Blessed Mother...

AIA - my  icon painting attached to wood to hang! Enjoy!
Mary, Mother of Sorrows - especially this week as she watches her Son be battered and broken for the sake of our sins. Mary pray for us, Jesus have mercy on us!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Agape Gifts is now in Midland....

NU Midland Art Gallery that is! We have now expanded to three locations!

I am excited to show you the display in Midland, sorry the lights cast a yellow hue on the cabinet. If you are in the Midland area seek Agape in your downtown walk. Mia was extremely sweet to invite us in!!

"The little Agape brief case full of incredible goodies has arrived! Your jewelry is magnificent. Thank you so very much for trusting me with it and for gracing the Gallery with your work." ~Mia

Thank you Mia!! Enjoy!!

The Joy of the Triduum is upon us...

Living the Joy of Christ - AIA - ornament or wall hanging! Enjoy!
I had artistic fun with this piece, again my own art work extended into an ornament design. I really played with the color on the wood piece that extended from my original electronic drawing. I liked the heart wired work - new little attempt for something different. Again, I resin the original drawing allowing the wood painting to be matte finish. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

For every season...

For every time there is a season - a bracelet with AIA representing the change of seasons! Enjoy!
This bracelet has been a design idea in my head for awhile. The pieces are hand painted transferred to wood sandwiched between metal. I hand painted the image to the side of the wood that was attached to the embossed metal pieces. Then I took another image and attached it to metal layering it onto the wood pieces w a resin finish giving it a bubble look with dimension. I used different embossed metal to continue the theme of change - warmth and coolness as well as incorporated various coated copper metal to further the color depth. I was delighted with the outcome. AG designed toggle. The effort of many hours paid off! Enjoy!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Entering into Holy Week - may your mind be present in Christ...

The Journey of Lent is almost over - Hand painted drawing AIA. Ornament or wall hanging. Enjoy!
This drawing is one of my favs. The memory of standing on the shore and hearing all the voices and faces of people praying for me... similar I am sure to Jesus as he journeyed through the town carrying that heavy cross of our sins. He did not always hear happiness and praise - it was a bitter sweet journey that lead to our Salvation! Remember your trials are your path to holiness... your path that will lead you right to Christ. Embrace it!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Think Spring...

Pink and copper wire ring! Very comfortable! Enjoy!

I was enjoying and exploring the use of square wire ribbons that has multiple use. A technique a learned years back but needed to bring forward for a ring commission. I like the simple-ness of this ring - the wire work quietly stated but the focus on the rectangular faceted pink stone. Good color for upcoming Easter celebration. enjoy!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Green Sunshine!

Green bear for St. Patrick's day!!  Another ornament of AIA! Enjoy!
This little bear always makes me smile. I was given an actual stuff bear after my cancer surgery... I named him Ray Gene after my doctor and favorite nurse who took care of me post op. I thought it was appropriate to have been grace us on St. Patrick's day! He always brings me good memories! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Angels watch over me!

Hand painted angel to watch over you! An ornament or wall hanging - Art in Art... Enjoy!!

I just love this angel image. It was commissioned by someone to be a gift - which was made into a pin. However her joyful presence has beckoned to be used in other pieces as well. One of my favorite bracelets has her pieced into it using a new technique - the owner loves it! I have other requests for her to be used as a purse ornament, necklace and ornaments as here. I enjoyed continuing to paint on the wood her image but only resin the actually printed image of the drawing. I like the dimension of the matte finish verse the high gloss. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring time sparkle...

Swarovski crystals always add pizzazz - rhinestone flower earrings! Enjoy!

Again, an old find when I was cleaning my studio. I was intrigued by the rhinestone shaped flowers and saw a dangle design in my head. I matched up the Swarovski crystals with the flowers color combination. I used ball post which isn't my norm but felt the simplicity was needed to mimic the circles as well as hang off the ear lobes with the swing motion coming directly from the flowers. Enjoy!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

A little twinkle of spring...

Fun earrings with a sparkle! Brass wire work with black beads & rhinestones! Enjoy!

These earrings are another creation of newly found items that were stashed in my studio. I was playing around with the wire and the rhinestone pieces coming up with a fun little pair earrings. They look nice on! Enjoy!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Everyone loves the Kiss

The famous Hershey kiss - this painting is popular by request. AiA! Enjoy!

This painting of the Hershey Kiss was a wonderful challenge and I was pleased with the outcome. The funny story about this piece is that I had the 'kiss' on a black glass table and my family knew NOT to TOUCH the Kiss - since I was working on the drawing (eletronic painting). One day my little nephew stopped by for a visit - he has down syndrome - and promptly when over to the kiss... picked it up and proceeded to eat it! WE all sighed "NO don't touc.... touch it" Too late. I guess I was done with the drawing! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Warrior for Christ

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us! An icon - I painted!! Art in Art - AiA Enjoy!

Here is my latest icon of St. Joan of Arc - my daughter's confirmation Saint. You can really see the swirls in the back ground nor the silver pigment or gold pigment in the piece as displayed in the original. On a few of the prints I went back in and painted with some metallic paints. The wood that it is mounted on is painted with a silver metallic mimicking her armor. The red organza ribbon draws the eye onto the richly red cape adorn over Joan's shoulder! A true Warrior for Christ. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Year of Mercy...

Pope Francis painting encouraging the year of Mercy - another piece of Art in Art - AiA!! Enjoy!

Working on portraits with electronic painting - again placing the printed painting on wood and working the piece around it. I liked the white soft satin ribbon representing an extension of his beanie. It also reminds me of a dove descending down around him. We were blessed to walk through the Jubliee doors last month in Az at the Rock Chapel. Great graces!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

There is always a first time

Art within Art - here is my first electronic painting - mounted on wood, repainted & adorn w brass wire work. Enjoy!

This painting was my first attempt in electronic painting - I can honestly say I have seen an improvement in my work. But the first piece is always a good reminder of where one began. The gift of my orchids has instilled a love for the flowers - I now have three orchid pots... flowerless but healthy green.... just waiting for the prized blooms to appear. What I have found is I enjoy painting back into the painting after it has been printed. I like working the wood around it and extending the image onto the wood giving it a new and different dimension. This particular image is subtly done - others are a bit more obvious. Enjoy!!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Dainty change of pace

This delicate bracelet sports coral tulips, pearls, bone roses and crystals topped off with a AG heart. Enjoy!

This bracelet was an inspiration when I was going through my entire studio this past summer (2015) and organizing all my beads and stone as well as all my supplies  - basically the entire studio. It was very therapeutic since I had found some little treasures that I had forgotten about and thus sparked new design ideas. Some piece came out very unique and 'un'me in design... but that is a good thing. Most pieces sold at the 2015 art show - which is also good. It was a switch to work on something so small and dainty... wire working with a much finer gauge and gold-filled wire.


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Friday, March 4, 2016

Where is which ever way.... you pick!

A unique brass hammered clasp necklace w beading and mixed textiles. Enjoy!

This piece has many appealing vantage points - it can be worn almost any direction with the focal point changing to customize the outfit. The brass metal piece was hand sawed and then hand textured with special faced hammer giving the triangle images. All the wire work was hand crafted including the jump rings. I liked the whimsical ribbon in contract to the wired clear beading. Looks incredible on - great edgy arty piece to dress up an outfit. I think my favorite part of the piece is the clasp. Enjoy!!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Take that Satan!!!

A hematite many rosary w 20g nickel secure wiring adorned w the Divine Mercy. Great weapon of prayer!

Agape Gifts' manly rosaries have truly become a huge hit! These rosaries give man a heavy weight of powerful prayers. I had a request to make a rosary that wasn't wimpy or girly - after considerable prayer the manly rosaries were designed. I can't keep them in stock; they are purchased as soon as they are finished. These rosaries invoke a lot of prayers from me since they do that a toll on my hands. I can't make many all at once... they need to be spaced out to give my hands a rest. Enjoy!! - website with many things to view - piece of the day - what am I currently working on

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Enjoy these fun earrings - pierced brushed aluminium metal with a Swarovski rivets

I just love these earrings - probably why they haven't made it to the board. Every time I wear them I get compliments. They were fun to do and I hope to make more. I like the different punch shapes and patterns. The crystals are very sparkly, as they are Swarovski! It is a new setting using a riveting system.

Time for a change...

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