Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Great Family Rosary!!

This is a great Mother’s Day gift! We apologize for not getting this out yesterday, but we were in a situation without internet… who knew? We are glad to be back! Back to the rosary… This here is a family rosary for the mother. Rather than having the children’s names on the Our-Father pieces, the patron saint of each of the children are on the Our Father, and “St. ____ please pray for ____.” written on the opposite side. The mother has a devotion to Blessed Theresa of Calcutta, and as an added bonus, Agape Gifts devoted one of the Our Father pieces to Mother Theresa, with a copy of words in her own handwriting on the flip-side. The center piece has the Virgin Mary on one side and “We Love You” on the other. The two Our Father beads next to the Crucifix are the mother and father’s confirmation saints. A John Paul II Crucifix is on this Rosary… who doesn’t want the intercession of BLESSED Pope John Paul II?

The reason this was not released on Friday was that this was a gift... and we didn't want her to find out - thanks for being patient

If you would like a similar piece, or any unique piece of jewelry; contact us!

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