Monday, May 14, 2012

St. Padre Pio Smartlinks

Today’s piece is a pair of cufflinks. These cufflinks do not have the usual bar clasp, but are a pair of Agape Gifts’ specialty “smartlinks”, which have the ability to accessorize any long sleeve shirt. The base for this piece is nickel sheet metal with the image of St. Padre Pio transferred onto the nickel. This piece is currently available. If you would like this piece, a similar piece, or any unique piece of jewelry; contact us! Don’t forget to stop by our Facebook page, Google+ page, Twitter, Pinterest, or our website for more wonderful pieces of devotional art wear.

1 comment:

  1. *CORRECTION* Our Media Outreach person, did not correctly tag this piece. The wonderful Saint on these cufflinks is our very own Fr. Solanus Casey. On behalf of Agape Gifts, we apologize. Thanks for following us!