Monday, November 5, 2012

AG is celebrating X

GOOD SUNNY MORNING AG Blog FAMILY! We are gearing up for this Monday morning... lots to do after this weekend's event and moving to prepare for Thanksgiving weekend at Sacred Heart of the Hills (Nov 24 & 25) We will reveal completely all the new pieces that were made for this upcoming year; so all the pieces for the next 70+ posts will be new pieces unseen (except for the guests that came this weekend). Please feel free to comment, let me know what you like and what you don't; what you would like to see or any suggestions... beecccaaause I will be getting ready to start the new line for next year! I have several ideas brewing but always looking for new inspirations and directions! I am hoping to really celebrate our ten year mark by coloring our charity donation heart to reach our $10,000 goal - making the heart completely RED filled to the top! (check the website Again - thanks to numerous amount of people that have generously supported us with their time, talent and treasure! Especially my family. I hope in the beginning of the year to compile a historical timeline of the past ten years of our artwear... it should be interesting to see the progression of design and material. THANK YOUR FOR YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS FOR OUR MINISTRY! May God bless you with a glorious day!

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