Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I just have to vent...

I get so frustrated trying to keep up with social media AND create pieces... I wish I could find the magic combination. Unfortunately, social media is a must (so I am told) to keep current with the virtual population... whom I love and I am grateful for... but my dilemma? It takes serious time away from my design and creation work. Regrettably, (not really) God only gave me 24 hours like the rest of the world in a human day and I do need sleep.... otherwise I get a migraine and then I lose more days... *sigh* Soooo, please forgive me if I miss a day or check out the other social media outlets where they may have an art piece that the blog missed.

and a google plus account Agape Gifts

Ok - I guess I am done and I need to get back to my social media commitments and then onto the day and the life of  Laura...

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