Friday, September 14, 2012

Good Morning World - It is Friday which brings much joy to many signaling the weekend is upon us! I am happy that it is raining - yes I am happy! I have been struggling w a severe migraine over the last several days impeding my workability, but now with the front passing I can get back to some turbo work and hopefully make up for lost time. It amazes me how much faster I can work w/o a headache... I always take note of that gift day AFTER I have struggled for so long. I now will get back to my design table and start creating some beautifully inspired work. I have had several people ask me very recently (all within a 24 hr period, not related incidents - something to take note that the Holy Spirit is tapping your shoulder) that I should share my thoughts and experiences. hmmm - I never thought anyone was really interested in the ME portion of the design... so I have been praying and this and the timing seems perfect since we are in the throes of celebrating our tenth anniversary... so stay tuned while I try to share things that are noteworthy to read! Again thanks for your prayers for our ministry and please continue to share them with me and my family! May you have a Glorious day in the Lord! (even in the rain!)

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