Wednesday, September 5, 2012

St. Patrick Cufflinks

Today's piece is a pair of cufflinks. These cufflinks are made with brass sheet metal. The base is hand stamped and filled with green polymer clay to add dimension. The centerpiece is a raised platform on green polymer clay. The image is of St. Patrick. This piece is no longer available. If you would like a similar piece, or any unique piece of jewelry, contact us! Don't forget to stop by our Facebook page, Google+ page, Twitter, Pinterest, or our website for more magnificent pieces of jewelry!


  1. oh too good!! These are so unique cufflinks.I had never seen such patriotic cufflinks.These are nice to keep god near to us where ever we go.

    1. Thank you Roseberry! Thank you for enjoying our jewelry, we hope you like what we have to come! If there is anything you'd like made into jewelry, or like specially designed, don't hesitate to contact us!