Monday, March 28, 2016

Coy bracelet

LCL Hand-painted layered Coy with mixed metals bracelet! Enjoy!

I was very happy with the playfulness of this bracelet. I had this idea of 'zooming' onto a piece detailing a portion of the hand painted image. I took the time to play around with enlarging the images; deceasing the images; then realized I just needed to repeat the image and the resin would do the enlarging. This has spurn many other ideas to bring to fruition. 
The 'rings' that hold the pieces together represents the bubbles of the fish. The texturing on the metal, especially the toggle, has circles again carrying the bubble theme. The toggle is one of my favorite parts of this bracelet... I was delighted on the out come of the coloring and texture! All done by fire. 
This bracelet is surprising light since the full image of the coy is mounted and painted on wood the detail pieces are adhered to metal.
Really love this piece... I hope you enjoy it as well! Enjoy!!

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