Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Time for a change...

We are changing things up a bit!! Agape Gifts will have various ways to view our work both in a piece of the day and a shot of a work day - or works in the working! The piece of the day will be a brief feature image on facebook, twitter, google plus and linked-in, however if you wish to learn more about the inspiration or materials of the piece the Ag blog is where I share the personal side of the work. The shot of the day will be generated from Instragram - so join that to see works in the working. Please feel free to check out these other avenues: www.facebook.com/AgapeGifts and or www.instagram.com/agapegifts/

of course we are on twitter, google plus and pinterest and don't forget our website  www.AgapeGifts.org


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