Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Best Commerative Rosary Bracelet EVER

This rosary has wonderful multiple stories attached to it, but we will first reveal the story about the rosary bracelet. This is actually a sponsor gift of thanksgiving. The family approached me to make a confirmation rosary for their sons; still bating on what to give the sponsor, his grandmother.
I suggested a rosary bracelet at the time, but the idea was dismissed to be pondered further, everything is in God’s time. As the confirmation date approached, we re-visited the need for a sponsor gift and as our conversation unfolded, we returned to a rosary bracelet with great ideas of mirroring his rosary of garnets and images of St. Nicholas with the date of the event. Unfortunately, I received a phone call stating that grandma had to have hip surgery and may not even be present at the Confirmation Mass thus needing to change some information on the Confirmandi’s rosary (another story) and possibly pick a different sponsor; the decision to keep Grandma as the sponsor and have Grandpa the proxy. As the bracelet was being designed on paper, my daughter had the idea to have their picture on the bracelets, which then lead to having the Confirmandi write a special note to his grandmother; the secret mission was set, excitement is in the air! Neither the Confirmandi nor the Sponsor knew what they were getting but each know what the other was receiving… tricky communications for the mom.
As I finally sat down to work on the actually work on the rosary bracelet, picture and letter in hand, I spent hours praying for the recipient of the bracelet… little did I know that on that exact day Grandma went into the hospital for hip surgery and recovery, unbeknownst to me. What a wonderful feeling to know that our labor of love and prayers helped Grandma get through her surgery AND participate in the confirmation celebration.

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