Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Thank you to all those who keep up with our blog and facebook.

Here is the unique Rememberance Rosary. This Rosary is not like any other rosary because in the centerpeice is a copy of the Loved-One's finger print. On the Our Father Beads is all his occupations, and each of his siblings are on the opposite sides of the Our Father "squares". Even the olive-wood beads are meaningful. Initially our customer had lost an olive wood rosary given to her as a gift from this person, from the Vatican, - so now, she has an olive-wood rosary that he has "touched". Then, the customer also purchased individual finger-rosaries for each of her loved-one's siblings. The finger rosary had a group picture with the loved one, along with his finger-print on the medallion.


  1. wow.. such talent. Praise God, you're working for Him! :)

  2. Thank you Patricia for your supporting comments. This piece was very special to make... I was honored to work on it for the family. A wonderful story... God is good!