Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Special Wedding Rosary

This Rosary, has less of a story, but we will continue unveiling special order rosaries to show what our new abilities are!

This story is about a Wedding Rosary. This wedding rosary is for a couple who has already been together for 18 years - so even if you don't have it for the wedding, they also make great gifts for your spouse on anniversaries. These rosaries will last a life-time carrying the memory of your love for one another. YOU can have a family memorabilia to be passed on for ever. In the rosary below, Agape Gifts used the wedding theme colors for the Hail Mary's; On the Our Father's are pictures of the couples from thier wedding day, and on the opposite side is the couple's monogram. In the center of the rosary is an image of the presiding Pope during thier wedding "blessing" thier marriage. Definitely a priceless item!

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