Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another bead-scape

Enjoy this full decade rosary bracelet, another bead-scape of the Missouri valley in early morning!
To be truthful this was my first inspiration to capture a landscape - this was the early morning in a valley with morning mist rising. It was quite breathe taking. I wired together my inspiration but it sat for awhile trying to figure out how to work it together... with God you have to be patient... it came a few years later. The green part is the trees catching a glimpse of the rocks then the mist in the sky. The crucifix is the bottom part looking at the piece upwards. I was very excited with my idea but even more thrilled that I could use it as a rosary bracelet. Great way to hold fond memories of your happy place while you are praying... takes you right back there... amazing!

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