Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Power packed weapon against the devil!

Enjoy another wedding rosary - this one is packed w meaning at every turn. Praying it will give the couple many graces. This rosary is a powerful weapon against the destruction of the sanctity of marriage. This rosary holds fourteen different images each specially picked for the bride and groom, helping them depend on the graces from God to help them through this journey of life. The images reflect themselves as toddlers to adults with the support of their parents - depicting each wedding day. It also beckons the call of their favored Saint to help guide them to be the path of holiness for each other as well as quoting their favorite Bible verse. Praying with this rosary together as a couple will definitely give them strength and courage to take on any adversity that may be thrown their way... which we all know is part of the journey. St. Theresea and St. Francis pray for them as well as for us! Enjoy!!

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